WP 3 – Access to innovative medicine

This third WP aims at fostering innovation opportunities and transferring them rapidly to the clinic, thanks to the development of 2 tools. Both tools should be available on the same site allowing a simultaneous vision of the most modern treatment based on international recommendations and the most innovative clinical trials for the same patient. This will make the customization of oncology care real for most patients of the Euregio.


Standardized, quality_controlled and guideline-concordant diagnostic and treatment are basic prerequisites for optimized patient care, especially in patients with malignant diseases. However, local and/or regional specificities and/or expertise in certain (diagnostic and/or therapeutic) fields might necessitate rapid and actual adaption of national or international guidelines. Therefore, a shared guideline development tool, allowing rapid and quality-controlled adaptation of care-guidelines/pathways, will stimulate exchange of knowledge and optimize care at academic centers and community hospitals.

  • The 360° Medical Software Services pathways (initially developed at ECCA) is an internet-based software tool allowing multidisciplinary pathways. It has become a valuable tool for coordinating and updating treatment algorithms and routes, allowing for accreditation and quality control. Its Internet structure makes it an ideal platform for the setting up of guidelines and pathways of interregional care.


360° Medical software developed by ECCA to be transformed in a global platform centralizing all recommendations and care pathways


Patients in clinical trials (CTs) perform better than others and being included in a CT is often the last hope for incurable patients. Strong CT activity limits the travel of our patients for treatments in other regions, attracts outside patients in the Euregio, and creates jobs thanks to the funds of the pharmaceutical industry. Our institutions are well-placed for this activity, provided that their resources are pooled:

  • The CHU has created a pilot version of a web-based CT management tool (1) that provides an overall visualization of the CTs in the institution and (2) allows patients and physicians to identify trials available for their situation. This action will increase patient access to novel treatment through this common clinical trial platform and provide a concerted strategy on rare cancer types.
  • This innovation will be transformed into a cross-border platform comprising (1) a trans-regional database of CT that can be consulted by patients and doctors, (2) practical information on each CT, (3) CT at the level of the centers, and (4) automatic data extraction to generate reports and statistics for institutions, ethics committees, national agencies…


Optimization and transfer of the web-based management tool for CT (pilot version created by the CHU) to the consortium partners to offer a global service to all Euregio patients and doctors.