T3 – Access to innovative treatment

Each cancer center must periodically generate and update its own guidelines and care pathways, a difficulty that often leads to incomplete and obsolete catalogues. In a similar way, the activity of clinical trials, transferring innovations to clinical practice, is insufficient. 2 actions will be set-up to overcome these issues. 


Knowledge in oncology progresses so fast that centers have difficulties to maintain their practice. Standardized, quality-controlled and guideline-concordant diagnostic and treatment are basic prerequisites for optimized patient care, especially in patients with malignant diseases. International recommendations are developed for this purpose, but require adaptations to regional specificities. Only trans-regional/national cooperation provides the necessary resources to achieve this objective. 

This action will set-up an internet tool (360° software) for the development of guidelines and care pathways allowing rapid and quality-controlled adaptation of care-guidelines/pathways. The purpose is to stimulate exchange of knowledge and optimize care at academic centers and community hospitals.


360° Medical software developed by UKA-CIO to be transformed in a global platform centralizing all recommendations and care pathways.


Patients participating in clinical research through clinical trials perform better than others and being included in a trial is often the last hope for incurable patients. Strong clinical trial activity limits the travel of our patients for treatments in other regions, attracts outside patients in the Euregio and creates jobs thanks to the funds of the pharmaceutical industry. This action aims at optimizing patient access to clinical trials thanks to the creation of a cross-border platform offering a global service to all Euregio patients and doctors:

  1. A trans-regional database of clinical trials accessible to patients and doctors
  2. Practical information on each trial
  3. Integrated management of trials at the level of cancer centers
  4. Automatic data extraction to general scientific reports for institutions, ethics committees, national agencies


ULiège has created a pilot version of the web-based clinical trial management tool. Once completely optimized, it will be transferred to other partners.